"I don't want to make you

sound like a writer.

I want to make you sound like

the most trusted, successful

real estate pro in your market."

Christy Murdock Edgar

Content Marketing Built for Real Estate
  • Does your marketing consultant tell you Blogging is the answer to getting clients?

  • Do you struggle to come up with authentic, meaningful content for your new website?

  • Is your least favorite part of taking a new listing writing the description and brochure copy?

  • Are you launching a product or startup and need to know where to start with your content marketing strategy?

My name is Christy Murdock Edgar, and I write for clients all over the world on all aspects of real estate, relocation, investment, and more.


Why do I write so well about real estate? Because as a real estate agent I understand what you need for your website, marketing, or blogging.


I'm here to help you improve the way you communicate your services to the world.


Let me create content that works for your real estate business. Contact me at christy@writingrealestate.com for more information or set up an initial consultation at calendly.com/writingrealestate.


A Real Estate Writer who understands what you do.

A cookie-cutter approach to real estate writing will not get you the results you want. You need great writing and deep knowledge of the industry.


Why sound like everyone else? Let me help you bring your authentic voice to great content through a collaborative approach that works for your business and your market. Work with a real estate writer who understands what you need for your newest listing, advertisement, content marketing, or website.

"I'll say it simply - if you have an opportunity to pitch for Christy's services - do it and don't look back. She's a brilliant idea generator, a gifted wordsmith and just an EPIC treat to work with. Thank you! Looking forward to many more happy collaborations with you!"

"Christy's wealth of knowledge, professionalism, research skills and style keeps everyone informed and engaged. We live in different states but when she writes it's as if she is a local who has been living here all her life."

"Christy is a great writer who creates pieces that are informative, easy to follow and display an expertise in the topics we gave her. A+"

"Christy was a pleasure to work with. She made sure expectations were communicated up front, adhered to deadlines, and was receptive to feedback. Team-writing was a new experience for me, and Christy was a great partner for that :)"


Are you interested in working with a real estate writer to take your business to the next level? Contact me today for a free consultation.

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