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How content changed my business (and how it can change yours, too!)

As a real estate writer and an agent, I know what it's like to try to find the right lead gen solution for your business.


You've tried no-cost solutions like hours of cold-calling, door-knocking (which can be pretty scary!), and spent far too many evenings at networking events full of -- you guessed it -- other real estate agents.

Then you switched to the paid options, like outrageously expensive online leads from the big real estate websites or paid social media ads that went nowhere.


Maybe your brokerage spent thousands on leads with fake names, fake numbers, and fake email addresses, then blamed you for not converting them. (Sound familiar?)

How content marketing created Writing Real Estate​.

When I started Writing Real Estate, I immediately experienced the power of content marketing. Whether it was people who reached out after seeing an article I wrote for Inman, fans who messaged me on social media (then became clients), or just new friends who found me from a simple Google search, I realized it makes a difference where your leads come from and how warm they are when they arrive.

I wanted to bring the power of content marketing (a complete solution, not just bits and pieces) to my fellow agents and brokers. I wanted to create a platform that would allow you to plug and play a content solution to help grow your business. To market you 24/7/365. I wanted it to be affordable and easy to use. 

That's why I created Content Accelerator.

Content Accelerator gives you the content you need, the tools to promote it, and my expert insight every week to help make your content work harder. This is not something you have to figure out or create. I literally give you all of the tools you need then tell you how to put them to work to promote your business.

Here's what you'll receive every month:

Blog Content

Each month you'll receive not one but TWO blog posts of approximately 1000 words, with timely, thoughtful, and professionally written content ideal for sharing on your personal blog, in your email blast, or in your newsletter. ($400 value)


The blogs also include highlighted suggestions for ways that you can personalize the content, adding your own market, niche, or personal insights to this world-class writing.

Content Personalization

Want to create your own content, but don't know where to start? I'll also include an outline of the months' posts so that you can create your own version. I'll walk you through paragraph by paragraph, ensuring that you know how to develop your own writing logically and thoroughly. ($200 value)

Don't want to write but still want to create great content?


Use the outline as a guide for your next video or podcast and become the star of your local market.

Social Media Posts

It's not enough to have great content if no one knows about it, but social media management can be time-consuming -- and expensive to outsource. That's why each post comes with distribution content for both Facebook and Twitter, so you can plug-and-play the social media promotion of your blog post. ($75 value)

Increase engagement and drive traffic to your website with professional content and custom SMM.

Ongoing Coaching

I have spent years refining the writing, distribution, and re-purposing of my own content. Now it's time to learn from the best. 

With your exclusive membership in my private Facebook group, you'll collaborate and learn with fellow Content Accelerator members. And each week, you'll have the opportunity to take part in a live coaching session with me. Bring your questions and get great insights from the best in the business. ($600 value)

But how much?

It would cost you well over $1000 a month to hire me to create custom content and consultation services to help you optimize and repurpose it. I know many of you can't afford that yet. That's why I wanted to create a solution that would work whether you're just starting out as an agent or are just beginning to build your content marketing plan.

To become a member of the Content Accelerator family, you'll pay just $297 a month for everything. It will be delivered straight to your inbox, and I'll be with you every step of the way to teach you how to implement and make the most of your content. Blog, email blast, social, infographics, or even repurposed for a video or podcast, you'll get all the tools you need to be successful.

Ready to get started? Have questions? Reach out to me at or schedule a call at Your success is my goal. Let's get started!

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