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What the Golden Girls can teach you about property descriptions

The Golden Girls

You know them. You love them. Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia are iconic characters and The Golden Girls -- almost 35 years since they debuted -- are constantly relevant and beloved by generation after generation.

At my house, a Golden Girls marathon can easily stay on for hours, and my teenagers love it as much as my husband and I do. No matter how many times we've seen a particular episode, we always find them laugh out loud funny.

If the show could be said to have a fifth regular character, it would have to be the beautiful Miami home that is the backdrop for the Girls' adventures. Decorated in quintessentially '80s shades of apricot, seafoam, and mauve, the wicker-filled home is at once completely of its time and yet somehow timeless.

Next time you need to write a property description, remember to highlight some of the things that made Blanche's home at 6151 Richmond Street, Miami so fabulous.

1. Location, Location, Location

Just as the Golden Girls house is a stand-in for its Miami setting, a good property description should give a nod to the specific area. Whether it's located in a particular community or subdivision, has proximity to a desirable entertainment district, or offers an easy commute to a large local employer, early in the description you should establish the specific area of the listing.

Golden Girls House

2. Outdoor space sells.

Remember the Golden Girls' lanai? That outdoor living space was the setting for card games, stargazing, family dinners, and lots of laughs. Be sure to highlight outdoor spaces -- both the sheltered ones like screened porches or covered patios and the hardscapes like terraces or decks. Additional outdoor features like a fenced backyard or additional storage can be huge selling points for some buyers -- especially those with pets or young children.

Golden Girls Lanai

3. The kitchen is the heart of the home.

How many cheesecakes, pots of coffee, and Italian feasts were enjoyed in that spacious eat-in kitchen? Make sure your description always includes something positive about the listing's kitchen. It doesn't have to have granite and stainless to be a good space. Maybe there's tons of storage or a sunny breakfast nook. Maybe there's a window over the sink looking out onto a lovely garden view. Find something to love in your listing's kitchen and highlight it in your description.

Golden Girls Kitchen

4. Lifestyle sells.

Don't just talk about the spaces in your listing; talk about how they work for the way people live. Talk about rooms in terms of the activities that can take place there -- entertaining, relaxing, dining, cooking, grilling, and more. What makes the Golden Girls home great is far less about the way it looks and far more about the way it serves as a backdrop for the lives of the women who live there. Set the scene when you talk about your listing.

Whether you're selling a stunning luxury home or a small starter condo, your job as a real estate professional is to find the magic something that makes that home special, then convey it to potential buyers.

The listing doesn't have to be the biggest, best or most expensive in the area -- it just has to be positioned correctly. A good description -- like great photos -- can do just that. Take a tip from the Golden Girls and give your next listing description a little more love.

Hate writing listing descriptions? I love them! Send me your photos, the features you want to highlight, and your MLS character count and I'll send you a custom property description within 24 hours for only $100. Need brochure copy as well? It's included at no additional charge -- just let me know. Email me for more information, or just go ahead and send the details and I'll get started!

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