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You know you need a marketing strategy to compete as a real estate agent or broker, but what do you write and how do you write it? Everyone says you must be active on social media, but how do you know what to post or share? How can you increase your reach and leverage so that your content goes further?


Let nationally-recognized real estate writer Christy Murdock Edgar guide conference and workshop participants in developing a content marketing plan built for real estate. Christy creates content for some of the biggest names in real estate and REI and consults and coaches on content marketing strategies for clients all over the US.


Now she brings her expert insight and actionable strategies to your next event. Agents and brokers will walk away with a plan and the confidence to implement it to grow their business.

People are saying...


Christy really has her finger on the pulse and can deliver relevant content to varied audiences. Highly recommend! --Alyssa Blevins, Pierce Murdock Group Real Estate


Christy is amazing! She is patient, smart, organized, and friendly. I could go on and on. We have been collaborating on a few projects recently and she is delightful to work with. --Kara MacDonald, Empowering Women in Real Estate


As a writer, Christy was able to take my story, bring it to life, and capture exactly who I was and what the audience needed. She gives outstanding insights that can help people become better writers and marketers for their real estate business. Being featured on a national platform has opened so many doors and has impacted my business for exponential growth. --Claudine Ellis, Dream Girls of Real Estate


Blogging 101: Everyone tells you to start a blog, but what is that and how do you do it? Learn the topics, timing, and tricks of the trade from one of the best! Available as either a breakout session or as a half-day or all-day workshop, agents will learn what to write, how to write it, and how to promote their blog for more site traffic, brand building, and client conversions!


Social Media Strategies: You know you need a robust social media presence, but who are you talking to and what do you say? Find out with a breakout session or workshop that helps you define your brand and your potential clients, then talk to them more effectively than ever. With tips for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you'll learn about design and content to make your posts pop and define your brand and your online presence.


Media Matters: Want to promote your brand and create more opportunities to reach new clients and colleagues in your market? Find out how in this breakout session that helps you leverage the promotional potential of effective media outreach to build your reputation as a market expert.

All presentations are fully customizable for your event. Let me help you design a session or workshop that brings maximum effectiveness to meet your goals as an organizer and the goals of your attendees.

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