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Should you start a real estate blog?

Writing for Real Estate

Have you consulted with a

marketing strategist or real estate coach lately? Chances are they are telling you that you need a complete digital marketing setup, and the foundation of it all is a blog.

Regular blogging is considered the cornerstone of digital marketing. It gives you something to share on social media. It creates content you can recycle or send to your mailing list. It allows you to show your expertise and market knowledge to your sphere and beyond.

But you probably didn't get into real estate to become a blogger. If you are like most agents and brokers, you like being "out there" with clients, either showing homes to Buyers or helping Sellers get to "Sold". So what do you need to do to get blogging?

1. Platform: You may think that blogging requires a separate setup, on a platform like Blogger or Wordpress. But many website builders, like iXact or Wix have integrated blogging platforms built in. Or if you have hired out your web building to a digital design firm, you can have them integrate your blog into your web design for an all-in-one solution.

2. Topics: There are as many blog topics as there are real estate agents, markets, and clients. Part of your content will be about you and your firm. Maybe you will want to feature people on your team, show community service projects or awards ceremonies, or tell the "hero story" of your company. Maybe you will want to speak to client needs, or featured listings. Maybe you will want to feature great local markets or shops to show your neighborhood knowledge. The possibilities are endless.

3. Schedule: Most digital marketers say that, while more frequent blogging is necessary for products with a quick decision-making cycle--like fashion or food--real estate has a much longer cycle. People spend months or even years thinking about their next real estate transaction and reading up on the market. So a blog schedule of every two weeks is sufficient for most real estate agents and brokers.

The good news? You can have a gorgeous, custom blog even if you aren't a writer or an online expert. Contact me for all of the services you need to get started, great blog content that you publish on your site under your name, or just to talk about how you should get started.

And remember, all of the content I provide for you is custom for you. I am not a "content farm" churning out duplicates of cookie-cutter content. Everything I write for you is written just for you and you own it 100%. Email me at and let's get started.

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