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Blog Topics to Keep You Writing All Year Long

Real Estate Blogging

This article published at Inman.

Okay, the holidays are in the rear view mirror and you’re gearing up your marketing to get ready for the spring market. Maybe you’re rebooting that sadly neglected blog you started last year. Maybe you’re re-booting the monthly newsletter to your sphere that hasn’t been sent out in a while. Maybe you’re just trying to get some ideas for some new, fun social media posts so that you can get your name and expertise in front of family, friends, fans, and followers.

Not sure where to start? Never fear -- this list has enough topics to keep you writing all year long.

Caveat: For my blogging clients, I recommend a ratio of 2:1 market-specific to evergreen topics. That way visitors to your blog or your Facebook page will see hyper-local content that shows your market expertise, plus tried and true topics that show your experience and process knowledge.

Evergreen Topics

Perfect any time of year, these tried and true topics let potential clients get a sense of your experience and approach to the questions all Buyers and Sellers eventually ask.

  • Rent vs. Buy: [Your City]

  • Rent vs. Sell: [Your City]

  • [#] Best Tips for Downsizing

  • Ultimate Guide to the Buying Process

  • Ultimate Guide to the Selling Process

  • Most Cost-effective Home Improvements

  • [#] Best Tips to Make Moving Day Easier

  • Streamlining the Lending Process

Decorating-related Topics

If you love Pinterest, you probably already know a lot about these topics. Add fun photos to make them really pop.

  • Improve Your Curb Appeal

  • Bathroom/Kitchen/Outdoor Re-decorating On a Budget

  • Top [#] Renovations That Add Value

  • Best Decorating Ideas for Children’s Room/Playroom/Family Room

  • Sprucing Up Your Outdoor Space

  • Decorating Your Small Space

  • Changing Your Decor for Summer/Winter

  • Best Holiday Decorating Ideas

Market-related Topics

Take all of those market stats and make them mean something to potential clients by adding your own analysis and observations.

  • Monthly Market Stats/Snapshot

  • Market Trends for [Month/Quarter/Year]

  • Most Popular Home Styles in [Your Market]

  • Most Expensive Homes Sold This [Month/Quarter/Year]

  • New Construction in [Your Market]

  • Biggest Home Value Increases: [Your Market]

Care and Keeping of the Home

These articles help do-it-yourselfers and first time homeowners keep up with all of the little tasks that need to be done around their house.

  • [Name of Month] Home Maintenance Checklist

  • Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Top [#] Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

  • What Do You Need In a Well-Stocked Toolbox?

  • Lawn Maintenance 101

  • Front Door Makeover

  • “Ask a Handyman” (Q and A with a local home repair expert)

“Best Of” Topics

Top Tens, Best ofs, and other listicles to let people know about great local businesses. An excellent tool for outreach to business owners and a perfect place to add your own photography.

Best of or Top Ten…

  • Family Restaurants

  • Independent Coffee Shops

  • Bookstores

  • Ice Cream Parlors

  • Places to Workout

  • Parks/Recreation Areas

  • Brunches

  • Outdoor/Rooftop Bars

  • Happy Hours

  • Pizza Places

  • Hamburger Joints

  • Barbecue/BBQ Restaurants

  • Seafood Restaurants

  • Spas/Salons

Seasonal Topics

There’s always something fun going on in your area, right? Let people know (1) where the action is and (2) that you’re always out and about.

  • Local Fairs and Festivals

  • St. Patrick’s Day Events

  • 5Ks, Fun Runs, and Marathons

  • 4th of July Celebrations

  • Back to School Tips

  • Best Halloween Celebrations

  • Holiday Light Displays

  • New Year’s Eve Events

Local History or Human Interest

Whether you live in a quaint New England village with a historical home on every corner or in a suburban enclave, there are always places that are one of a kind and special. Show your local knowledge by sharing the history of these places.

  • Interview with a long-time business owner

  • Feature about a building on the National Register of Historic Places

  • Famous People Who Hail from [Name of Your City]

  • Feature about a local museum

  • Interview with the town’s oldest resident

  • History of the town’s oldest church/house/building

  • Interview with the town’s newspaper editor

  • Interview with the mayor / city council representative

  • Feature about the grand opening of a local business

Whether you want to show off your own knowledge or highlight local people and places, you’re sure to find a topic that will make a great content marketing feature. And remember to repurpose content -- choose a topic, write a blog post about it, shorten that post for your email blast, then promote it on social media. Whatever topic you choose, have fun and let your personality come through. You can’t go out and meet every potential client personally, but you can use your writing to create a “virtual” meeting they’ll remember.

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