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Why you need a content marketing plan (and how Content Accelerator can help)

Real Estate Writer Christy Murdock Edgar

Whether you are just starting out in real estate or are a veteran agent or broker, you need to develop a plan for marketing your services and bringing in leads. The problem? Which should you choose? Blogging, social media, email blasts to your sphere?

Well, the answer is D) All of the Above. The fact is, you need a comprehensive plan that not only allows you to produce meaningful, engaging content but also helps you distribute that content and use it to achieve top-of-mind status with the potential clients you need to meet your career goals.

Why does content matter?

Producing great content -- whether it's a blog, video, or podcast -- is a major key when it comes to creating a solid foundation for your marketing. Why?

  • Content engages.

Remember ABC: Always Be Closing? If everything your friends, family, and followers hear from you is sales pitch-y, they'll eventually tune you out. But if instead you are giving them high quality content -- meaningful ideas, advice, tips, and tricks -- they'll tune in and keep coming back for more. The more they tune in to your content, the more time they spend in your website and your blog platform, video channel, or podcast platform -- giving you more time to communicate.

  • Content impresses.

When you're producing stellar content, people take notice. It shows them that you are thoughtful, engaged, and informed. Who wouldn't want those qualities in a real estate pro? Anyone can have a website, but someone with incredible insight is much harder to find. Whether they're looking for an agent to buy or sell a home or are looking for a referral partner, you're sure to impress them with your market expertise.

  • Content converts.

A flashy social media campaign or a one-time meeting might get people to your website, but will it convince them to work with you? When they see world-class content, they'll want to do business with you -- because you're clearly the market expert. Get attention, keep attention, then turn that attention into new clients when you use the power of stellar content.

A picture's worth a thousand words, so...

So you've got gorgeous content. How do you capture eyeballs on your blog, email blast, or social media platforms? You need visuals -- beautiful, hi-res photos.

But hiring a photographer -- or subscribing to a photo service -- is an expensive proposition. You'll need hi-res, royalty-free photos in order to make your posts and shares POP.

SEO for your website

Look up real estate and your local market on Google and find out how far down you are in the page rankings. Great content can help boost your website's presence. That's called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it's important for making you the go-to agent or broker in your local market.

In order to raise your profile you'll need custom content. For many of us, though, spending time writing 1,000 word blog posts is a time-consuming, and frustrating, exercise. How can you get the content you need and turn it out on a regular basis -- all while doing everything else it takes to keep your business running smoothly?

Content Accelerator is the answer you've been looking for.

You know all about outsourcing -- it's how big companies make their businesses run more efficiently. What if you could outsource your entire content marketing plan -- without taking on the responsibility of supervising contractors, developing topic calendars, and checking up to ensure that everything is being done correctly and on time?

Content Accelerator is a subscription service that brings world-class content to everyone. Over the years, I've seen so many awesome real estate agents, brokers, investors, and other business owners who couldn't afford to hire experts to create their content. Yet they needed my help, and so did their business.

That's why I created Content Accelerator -- to provide an affordable and complete content marketing solution for everyone. Here's what you'll get each month with your subscription:

  • Two (2) professional, relevant, Done-for-You articles, approximately 1,000 words in length. These are perfect for your email blast and newsletters along with other content marketing! You can also re-purpose them for a podcast and awesome video content. ($400 value)

  • Two (2) SEO-Friendly Article Outlines with everything you need to create your own original content based on the proven topics and guidelines we provide. ($200 value)

  • Royalty-free, Hi-Res, hand-picked images with photo credits for increased engagement ($50 value)

  • Custom Distribution Content for Facebook and Twitter so that you can share your professional-quality content again and again. ($75 value)

  • Membership in my Private Facebook Group for collaboration, advice, and live, monthly Consultations with me. ($600/month value)

That's everything you need to create and maintain a content marketing plan that generates leads every single day, around the clock and helps raise your profile as the top-of-mind agent in your market.

Find out more about Content Accelerator and begin your subscription. It's time to stop living in the past and counting on old-fashioned, outdated marketing schemes. Create the real estate business you've always wanted -- steady, self-sustaining, and profitable. Let's get started!

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