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5 (false) stories you're telling yourself to keep from creating content

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Everyone tells you that you need to write a blog, host a podcast or start a video channel. You need to be active on social media and you need to make sure that you're building a platform that promotes you, your business, and your real estate listings.

woman creating content for social media

That being the case, why haven't you done it yet? In my experience, there are a few stories that people tell themselves over and over to keep from doing what they know they should be doing.

Some of these stories are rooted in the present and some of them are rooted in the past. Some of them are rooted in a sense of control and some are rooted in a sense that they lack control.

If you recognize yourself in one of these stories, don't despair. I'm going to tell you how to recalibrate your thinking so that you can begin creating the content you need and feel good about it.

Story #1: I'm not smart enough

For many people, this is a holdover from school and a schoolteacher who told you that you weren't a "good writer" or who made "smart" equate to knowing how to diagram sentences.

Academic difficulties, undiagnosed learning disabilities, ADHD, and many other early life experiences can make it difficult to put yourself out there later and believe in your ability as a writer or content creator.

The fact is, however, that many top-producing real estate agents, top-tier content creators, and well-regarded entrepreneurs of all stripes do what they do because it doesn't require endless academic degrees.

As a science professor of my acquaintance once said, "English majors are cheap." You can hire someone to proofread your blog or to help you refine the script for your videos. Check out Fiverr or Upwork for freelancers who can help.

Forget what your sixth-grade homeroom teacher had to say about your potential. Be here, now.

Story #2: I'm not pretty enough

This is a big one for women, especially, but it can be difficult for men, as well. We are all victims of the Beauty Industrial Complex that tells us that there's no such thing as good-looking enough to be on camera or in headshots.

That can make it tough to contemplate putting yourself out there and becoming a public figure, even if it's just to a few dozen followers.

If you want to make yourself feel better, get on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube and scroll through. There are people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and appearances creating all kinds of content there.

If you're only seeing one kind of creator, start looking at your Discover or For You page for other types of people and your feed will become more diverse over time.

Sidenote: The grim reality is that some trolls do criticize women creators just to score points or to wield power online. They do this whether you're conventionally attractive or not. There are also gross men who will slide into your DMs and proposition you. They do this whether you're young and talking about your Brazilian Butt Lift or old and talking about real estate writing. You have to develop a thick skin and ignore such vulgarities.

Story #3: I'm not young enough

This is akin to #2 but slightly different. It's less about how you look and more about the idea that content creation is for the young folks and that you're somehow not able to get up to speed on it.

Or maybe it's the idea that you've built your business on referrals and you don't need to create content and bring in new clients. Or maybe it's just the idea that all of "that" has passed you by and it's too late for you.

I'll be 53 this week (Where my Libras at?) and let me tell you something. Life changes. Careers change. Businesses change.

When I started Writing Real Estate just a few years ago, explaining the concept of content creation to real estate professionals was like explaining Kim Kardashian to a representative of an alien civilization.

Now, many of the things that seemed so crazy when I first talked about them — professionally written property descriptions, blog content, content planning — are commonplace.

It's my belief that this will be even more true in the years ahead. It's not going to get easier to get on board than it is right now.

I see people getting out there and getting on board with content. They're the ones who want to have a career in five to ten years. Those who are still in denial appear to me to have already resigned themselves to either retiring early or selling a couple of houses a year for their best friends.

Sidenote: If you are planning to retire in a few years and you want to have a saleable business, content is part of that. A well-positioned SEO-optimized website with a robust evergreen content library, solid video channel, and well-maintained CRM are all powerful differentiators if you're trying to show value to a potential buyer.

Story #4: I'm not important enough

If you're an individual agent, you may feel that there's no need for you to have your own content. Maybe you think you'll depend on your brokerage to create content that differentiates you and your colleagues for the local market. Maybe your broker feels the same way and is depending on the franchise's branding and advertising.

We all know that real estate is a relationship business. You are important enough because you, as an individual, are the face of your business. You need to create content and show your expertise because you are the brand and you are the business.

It doesn't matter that other agents in the market are bigger and more influential than you. You're the perfect agent for your ideal clients — the ones you vibe with. Get out there and create content so that they can find you and work with you.

Story #5: I'm not different enough

Finally, you may feel like there's nothing that differentiates you and your service from anyone else. What could you say that's different from every other agent?

Of course, you'll want to create some evergreen content and there'll be some overlap with other agents in your market and beyond. But there are also things that you bring to the table that they don't. There are insights you have that they don't and neighborhoods that you know better than they do.

If you truly don't think you are different enough from other agents, creating content will help you realize that and drive you to change or expand your service.

It will help you explore different certifications, designations, and niches. It will help you connect with other people's content so that you can find mentors and colleagues who inspire you and help you grow professionally.

The moral of the story is that you are enough. There are people out there waiting to hear from you and, most of all, there's a You that is smarter, better, and more interesting out there.

You won't get to meet that You until you branch out and do something new, something a little daring. Get busy.


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