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Elevating your real estate marketing strategy for Memorial Day, July 4th and Veterans Day

As we head into May, it’s time to clean off the deck chairs, dust off the grill and get ready for months of cookouts, firefly chases and celebrations. The unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day, is the first of three patriotic holidays that form the basis for warm-weather get-togethers. In addition, many real estate professionals center much of their social media and real-world marketing on these holidays.

I believe that most agents and brokers are well-meaning in their attempts to tie their marketing to these holidays. However, there are places where you can go wrong with your marketing and come across as disrespectful and even exploitative.

It’s not enough to post a picture of a flag on your social media platforms and pay lip service to patriotism and the sacrifice of past and present generations of military members and their families. Make your messaging more meaningful and impactful and do good for the communities you serve by understanding and differentiating your marketing for Memorial Day, July 4th and Veterans Day. 

Memorial Day real estate marketing

Jessi Healey, a writer and editor at Inman News, wrote about Memorial Day last year. As the wife of a military veteran, her article, “Your Business Shouldn’t Advertise For Memorial Day. Here’s Why,” offers an eye-opening appraisal of the ways that professionals can go wrong in marketing alongside this somber and serious day of commemoration.

Memorial Day is a poignant reminder of the brave souls who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. As a military spouse, I had the privilege of supporting my husband during his service in the U.S. Army. Through this experience, I came to understand the significance of this day for the families of our fallen heroes. It’s a day of reflection, remembrance and gratitude, marked by ceremonies and personal tributes nationwide.

One interesting point that Healey brings up is that you shouldn’t wish military members a “happy Memorial Day.” Memorial Day is for remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, not for an observance of current military members.

However, if you work in an area with a large military population, you may want to reach out and see if there are planned observances that you could take part in. You can also reach out to your local VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and American Legion and participate in planned ceremonies in whatever way seems appropriate and authentic.

As much as possible, try to divorce your observance of Memorial Day from money. If you choose to say anything about Memorial Day, make it about a sincere show of gratitude for those lives lost in service to the country.

July 4th real estate marketing

By contrast, the Fourth of July has all the celebratory atmosphere you could want, with a sense of community that makes it ideal for showing how connected you are with the neighborhoods and neighbors you serve.

This is the time when you can really go all out by hosting community events like barbecues or fireworks viewings, decorate your listings with patriotic themes, and offer promotions tied to the holiday. Tie these to a listing that needs some love or to a client and referral partner appreciation event.

Many communities have fun runs, parades or other events tied to July 4. Start now checking in with the organizers to see if there are sponsorship opportunities you can be part of. Cooling stations and ice-cold beverages would be especially popular hosting opportunities and would give you the chance to have some conversations with attendees.

If you specialize in a specific neighborhood, contact their HOA and ask how you can participate in their community’s celebrations.

If you like doing pop-bys, go ahead and start planning now so that you’ll have everything you need when it’s time to celebrate. Consider the following:

  • Patriotic Treats: Prepare small bags of red, white, and blue candies or cookies with a note wishing them a Happy Independence Day.

  • American Flags: Hand out American flags and mounting hardware along with a card expressing gratitude for their support and wishing them a joyful July 4th celebration.

  • Sparklers or Glow Sticks: Provide sparklers or glow sticks for evening celebrations, along with safety tips for handling fireworks responsibly.

  • Patriotic Planters: Gift mini potted plants with red, white, and blue flowers, such as petunias or geraniums, to brighten up their porches.

  • BBQ Essentials: Put together a package of barbecue essentials like barbecue sauce, grilling tools, or patriotic-themed napkins, plates and iconic red Solo cups.

  • Local Event Schedule: Create a flyer or booklet listing local July 4th events and fireworks shows, along with tips for enjoying the festivities safely.

  • DIY Craft Kits: Provide DIY craft kits for making patriotic decorations or simple July 4th-themed crafts with their families.

  • Outdoor Games: Give away small outdoor games like miniature cornhole sets or frisbees for families to enjoy during their July 4th gatherings.

  • Summer Survival Kit: Assemble a "summer survival kit" with sunscreen, bug spray, water bottles, and other essentials for outdoor summer activities.

Veterans Day real estate marketing

Veterans Day is the outlier since it takes place on November 11. That means that, unless you’re in the Sunbelt, you probably won’t be tying your Veterans Day observance to outdoor activities.

However, since it comes just before Thanksgiving, Veterans Day is a great time to show your appreciation for military veterans and their families. If you’re also an MRP (Military Relocation Professional), you can lean into the potential that Veterans Day offers to provide real, tangible assistance to those veterans and military members who may need your services in the coming months.

Here are some ways that you can connect with veterans in your community and those members of your sphere of influence who may be moving back to your community in the future:

  • Offer special discounts, incentives or services for veterans and active-duty military personnel

  • Partner with veterans’ organizations for events or fundraisers

  • Create content for your blog, video channel, or podcast that shares stories of local veterans or highlights their contributions to the community

  • Make a commitment to donate a portion of your commissions to military veterans’ organizations

  • Provide content about VA homebuyer benefits and connect military members and veterans with military-friendly lenders in your network

Most of all, reach out to members of your sphere who are veterans and thank them for their service with a handwritten note, an invitation to lunch or some other token of your gratitude. Your sincere and private expression of appreciation is the most important part of your Veterans Day observance.

As you move through the year, consider how you can honor and support the military, veterans, their families and your community all the time, not just during patriotic-themed holidays. Every day is a new chance to dig deep and reach out to others, making yourself an integral part of celebrations, observances and opportunities for service.


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