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The Incredible Shrinking Property Description

Are you seeing the same thing that I'm seeing? More and more, I see real estate agents putting properties on the market with only a few words in the property description.

Sometimes it's just a few facts: 3 br, 2 ba. No HOA.

Sometimes it's a very brief description: Close to shopping and dining.

Sometimes it's super general: Nicely maintained.

Sometimes it's a command: Come see.

Look, I get it. People HATE writing property descriptions. I mean, I'm kind of glad they do because a lot of those people hire me to do it for them!

But even if you can't outsource all of your real estate writing, you can still put together something that your clients will appreciate and that will help buyers become familiar with your listing.

Here are a few things to consider as you are sitting down to write a listing description. Make a list at your next listing appointment and you'll have the bare bones for a decent, serviceable MLS entry.

  1. Wow! Factor: I've said it before and I'll say it again: every home has something special that you can draw attention to in the first line. Maybe it's the space. Maybe it's the location. Maybe it's one little detail, like great closet space or a nice backyard. If you can't identify it, ask the owners what they love about the home -- they'll give you some great ideas.

  2. Kitchen: Everybody wants to know about the kitchen, even if they never cook. There's something about the kitchen that makes a house a home, since it's the setting for morning coffee, packing lunches for school, or hanging up the report card on the refrigerator. Say SOMETHING about the kitchen, even if it's not the nicest or most updated.

  3. Outdoor Space: If you live in a warm area, outdoor spaces are uber-important. Even if you live in a colder climate where elaborate decks and lanais are a rarity, people like to know that they'll be able to cook out for the 4th of July or play soccer with the kids. Include something about the outdoor space and give them an idea of how it will work for them.

  4. Local Amenities: Is the home in a community with a clubhouse, pool, and tennis courts? Is it within walking distance of the local elementary school? Is it near the area's hottest shopping, dining, and nightlife? Is it just nestled on a picture-perfect cul-de-sac or tree-lined street? Give a sense of the home's setting and paint an inviting picture of the lifestyle.

  5. Running out of things to say? Consider the distance to the area's best employers, recreation, or other lifestyle factors. How long is the commute to the nearest big city? How far away are the beaches or ski slopes? Look at a map and consider why someone would live in that particular neighborhood, then use that as an additional selling factor.

Your clients need and expect for you to say something useful about the listing. Your service includes marketing their property, and that means adding value through the information you provide to the public. While you may not be a writer, you can put together some simple thoughts and use them to highlight the property's best features.

Need help writing your next listing description? I'm here for you. My signature property description service costs $100 and includes an MLS description (customized to your specific character count) along with social media copy and brochure copy, if needed. You'll get your description back within 24 hours from the time that I confirm receipt of your information.


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